Q1. What is AddressVerify?

AddressVerify is a web service API to validate your customer postal addresses. You use AddressVerify If you are a business and want to verify and validate the addresses your customers enter in your web site, mobile app or custom application or just want to clean up an already existing address data

Q2. How do I use AddressVerify in my website or mobile app?

AddressVerify exposes a set of Web API which you can call from your web site page or mobile app. You pass partially typed address and get back matching addresses. In fact, we have developed a JavaScript which does this integration for you. You just need to include this JavaScript in your web page. As your User starts typing in the address, the JavaScript will continuously invoke AddressVerify web service and come back with matching addresses

Q3. I have a Web site where customers need to enter their address in the registration and shipment forms. How easy is it to integrate with your AddressVerify Web service?

We have developed a JavaScript to do just this. It is very straight forward to integrate your web pages with our AddressVerify web service using this java script.
You don’t even need a developer to do this. Please look at our video and integration guides on our Support page
- Simple integration guide

Q4. I’m developing a mobile app. Can I use your AddressVerify service?

Yes. You can use our AddressVerify service from any platform – Windows, Mac or Unix/Linux and from any device – Mobile, Tablet and PC and even from a custom application

Q5. Is there an API guide or Web services description?

Yes. You can find it here - AddressVerify Web service description

Q6. How do I use the java script on my web page?

You need to include the JavaScript in your web page html page where you have address fields. The first time you browse the page, the JavaScript will auto map the fields for you and ask for your confirmation. Once the mapping is saved, the next time on anyone browses the page and starts typing in the address field, AddressVerify service is invoked continuously and it comes back with matching addresses

Q7. How do I map address fields on my web page to your web service address fields?

The Java script we provide will do this mapping for you. In most cases it does a pretty good job. You just need to review and make sure the mapping is correct. You can change the mapping by just clicking on the fields before you save the mapping.

Q8. Why should I buy your address verification service and not others in the market?

  • AddressVerify is latest generation address verification service built from scratch using the latest technologies
  • It is fast and comes back with closest matches every time
  • It is intelligent to overlook typing or spelling errors in the street and suburb names and still come back with correct matches!
  • It can save up to 85% of typing! Eases the signup experience for your customers and reduces the cart abandonment
  • We’ve made it very easy to integrate with your web site. We provide a JavaScript which does that, free of charge.
  • We are an Australian company. Our servers are hosted in Australia which means low latency
  • AddressVerify is tested rigorously and approved by Australia Post and has been awarded AMAS certification. You have an assurance that you are buying a genuine and highest standard service.
  • The service is very competitively priced especially for small and medium organization who don’t need to purchase a huge volume of lookups
  • You don’t have to purchase without evaluating it first. You can start Free trial without giving any credit card details and without any commitment to purchase. When you purchase there is no lock-ins or any long term commitment. You continue with us only as long as you are happy
  • There are other services in the market, may be cheaper, but are not authorised from AU Post and don’t do complete address validation. They can only validate up to street name but not the house number

Q9. Where do you source your address Data base from?

Our database Incorporates G-NAF ©PSMA Australia Limited licensed by the Commonwealth of Australia
under the Open Geo-coded National Address File (G-NAF) End User Licence Agreement

Q11. Where are your servers hosted?

Our Web server and Data base servers are hosted with Microsoft Azure in Australia

Q12. How much is it going to cost?

Depending on your need you choose a pricing plan/package. When you purchase a package you get access to our web API and a number of lookups/clicks. If you are not sure go for a smaller package. You can always purchase more in case you run out of lookups. Please look at our pricing page to see the various packages and how much each costs

Q13. I have purchased a package. I’ve not used up all the lookups and the validity period is coming to an end. Can I use the remaining lookups even after the validity period expires?

No. You can use the lookups only within the validity period. Any remaining lookups will lapse once the validity expires. However, if you make a new purchase any remaining lookups will roll over and will be added to the lookups you purchased

Q14. Is there any contract or lock-ins?

There is no lock-in. Once you use up all the lookups you may choose to purchase more or you are free not to make any further purchases

Q15. How does the subscription work? How many lookups do I get and is there any expiry period?

You can choose from any of our pricing plans/packages. Please see here When you purchase a package you get a number of lookups valid for a certain period. The more lookups you purchase, the more the validity period and the less you pay per lookup

Q16. Can I evaluate the service before I purchase?

Yes. Don’t purchase unless you have seen the service in action and are satisfied. You can start your Free Trial. You get 200 lookups valid up to 30 days.

Q17. How do I start my Free Trial?

You start your free trial by clicking on Free Trial button either in our home page or in the pricing page. If not already done, you need to sign up first. It is quick and easy and you’ll see AddressVerify service in action on our signup page. We practice what we preach!

Q18. Do I need to key in my credit card detail to start my Free Trial?

No. We don’t ask for your credit card details when you start your free trial

Q19. What happens at the end of validity period of the Free Trial?

If you are happy with the service please purchase a package. If not, you let it lapse. You’ll lose access to AddressVerify API and won’t get any matches back

Q20. Can I purchase before my free trial validity period expires?

Yes, it is expected that you make your purchase before your current validity period expires. Any unused lookups from your free trial or your current purchase will rollover and will be added to the lookups you purchase

Q21. I have a database which contains customers address data. I need to clean up this database. Do you offer any service??

Yes. AddressVerify can be run in batch engine mode. If you can provide us with a csv export from your database, we will run the AddressVerify batch Engine and give you back cleaned up addresses. AddressVerify will append DPIDs for each address row.

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