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Bulk mail discounts

Bulk mail discounts

Big savings on your bulk mail outs

About you:

Do you send significant volumes(more than 300 at a time) of postal mails to your Clients?

Do you want to achieve from 10% up to 50% savings on your bulk mail outs?

Do you want to improve and simplfy your mailing process?

Do you want to barcode your mailing list but don't know how?

Even if you are already using barcoding, do you want to reduce your costs further and save more?

Are you a registered Charity and looking to achieve big savings by using charity mail

Is the accuracy of your customer address important to you?

With AddressVerify Batch Engine you can:

Process your address/mailing list in an easy and efficient way

Verify each address in your list and get back correctly formatted address

Assign DPID and barcode

Presort your list and allocate sort trays

Ready to be mail merged, printed and lodged

Calculate your savings:

Say, you are sending out 10,000 posts in a year, letter size small, 50% same state and 50% other state

AU Post full rate you would pay: $10,000

Charity mail rate you would pay using AddressVerify to barcode and presort: $5050

Barcoding and Presort cost: $1200

Your Savings: $3750

What now?

Please email us and we will get in touch with you

We will asses your requirements

If you are happy to proceed, we will set up AddressVerify Batch engine software

We will also be able to help set up or refine your mailing process

With address barcoding and presort in place you'll be able to claim your discount from AU Post !

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